Simplify the process, save resources! Easy, quick, smart.

How it works

Simple, quick, useful!

First: Automatic Answer

Your associates get an automatic reply to emails. In case they want to file a case, they are taken directly to the online caseform.

Second: Caseform

As smart as you want it to be. The user interface is easy and working with it is so natural that it feels a painless experience!

Third: Automatic PDF

A PDF file is automaticly generated at the end of the process and sent by email to the branch secretary. Ready to be printed out.


The first software that allows you to simplify a long process and save precious resources and budget destined to a slow, old method. Virtual Assistant is easy to use and quick. Decide to turn the page and make things work smart!


Works on laptop, tablet or mobile. Any brand and operating system.

Guided by steps & icons

The caseform is split in steps for easily understanding which information is asked. Every input fiels is associated with an icon so that it results easy to understand!

Save for later!

Saves data for filling later the rest of the caseform without need to install anything. Save on device in compliance with laws on data privacy.

First the most important data!

The user can go straight to the point of his concern, avoiding to generate feeling of time waste users react in a better way and are more collaborative in filling all data requested.

Smart controls

Animations and smart widgets make the caseform particularly easy and pleasant to work with.

Used by the best

Our software is already being used by the best companies to achieve time saving and provide a better experience for their users!

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